FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to ship a car?

Remember, no company can offer you a GUARANTEED date, day or time for pickup or delivery. This is because transit times depend on many variables including weather and road conditions, traffic, the maximum number of hours a truck driver can legally drive in a day, and on a wide range of other unforeseen factors. With McNutt, when your order is placed, your vehicle is typically picked up within a few days and then normal drive time is used to estimate your delivery date. We offer door-to-door service which means that once your vehicle is loaded onto a truck, it stays on that truck until it is delivered. Be careful of transport companies that want you to drop off your vehicle at a terminal or holding facility as, typically this is a sign that your vehicle will be moved by multiple trucks as they take them from one terminal to another throughout the move. McNutt Automotive Logistics does not use terminals or storage facilities.

What are terminals?

Terminals are used by transport companies for “truck switching”, which involves dropping a vehicle off at a holding terminal until a second truck heading in your direction picks it up and carries it on. Usually terminals are located in remote areas; they tend to be unsafe places where your vehicle may be at risk of theft and vandalism. In fact, it is possible that your vehicle may sit in storage for many days or even weeks awaiting the next truck. Considering that the potential for damage during transport is greatest during loading and unloading operations, each terminal used continues to add to your risk for damages. Furthermore, large trucks maneuvering in and out of terminals throughout the day present even more potential for damage as your car sits on the lot. With McNutt’s door-to-door service, your car goes on the transport truck and stays on that same truck until it reaches the final destination. This minimizes damages considerably and avoids the delays in transit times inherent with terminals.

What is door-to-door auto transport?

Door-to-door service means the driver will get the truck as close to your door as legally and safe as possible. Bear in mind, many of our transporters are as long as 75 feet and need a large area to maneuver. So, pickup and delivery is subject to accessibility, safety and local laws as many cities have restrictions on large trucks that prohibit them from going into residential areas. When access to your home is restricted, the driver may ask you to meet the truck in a nearby parking lot where it is safe to load or unload. Otherwise, if possible McNutt will pick up your vehicle at your residence, office or any other place you designate. With door-to-door auto transport, you will never have to go to a terminal to ship your car or accept delivery.

What if I am not available at the time the vehicle is scheduled to be delivered?

You should do your best to be present; if this is not possible you may have a trusted representative at the drop-off to accept delivery of your automobile. But, make sure this person is aware that an inspection is performed and a contract bill of lading must be signed. Your representative must take the time to inspect the automobile for any damages and be sure that all damages are recorded on the bill of lading. Once the receiving documents are signed, it finalizes the delivery. So, be sure you are satisfied that the condition is the same on the receiving end, or that all damages that may be attributable to transport are documented.

What is the difference between open and enclosed carriers?

Open carriers are just that: they’re open to the elements. Open carriers are typically 10-car haulers, meaning they have a capacity of ten standard-sized cars. Some smaller carriers designed for shorter runs may have capacities of 6, 4, 3, 2 or even a single car. Open transport trailers are considered the industry standard and comprise about 95% of the trucks transporting vehicles today. Unless you request otherwise, your vehicle will be quoted and shipped with an open carrier. Enclosed trailers are completely boxed and vehicles are parked inside, so your car is completely protected from the elements. Enclosed carriers are typically used to transport high end luxury vehicles, antiques or expensive specialty cars. They are limited in the number of vehicles they can transport (usually 2-6), combined with higher insurance levels, and as a result they are more expensive. We have access to hundreds of carriers with enclosed trailers, so if you feel you need enclosed transport, call us to talk with one of our professionals about your situation. You must call us for a quote on all enclosed transportation, but our consultations and quotes are still FREE! Call (800) 755-2324 to get started. One of the many misnomers about open transportation is that your vehicle isn’t as safe on an open carrier as it would be in an enclosed carrier. While the enclosed carrier offers protection from the elements and road hazards, you should know that damage to transported vehicles on an open carrier is very rare. In fact, statistically our damages from open carrier transportation are less than 0.7% from year to year, with about 0.5% being settled without an insurance claim. In other words, with McNutt, better than 99% of the vehicles we haul on an open carrier are transported to their final destination without any transport damage.

How much fuel should I leave in my vehicle?

It is recommended to leave between 1/8 and 1/4 tank of fuel in your vehicle.

Will this cost me a lot of money?

If you calculate the costs of gas, food, insurance, sleeping accommodations and the time spent planning and actually making a long distance move, you will see that transporting your car with McNutt Automotive Logistics is less costly and far more efficient. Prices are determined by distance, size and operability of your vehicle, as well as your choice to use an open or enclosed carrier. All of the quotes you receive from McNutt are for door-to-door service and include full insurance. Unlike most transport companies, we will not charge any additional fees for door-to-door service, insurance, fuel surcharges, etc. From McNutt, you receive one all-inclusive price right up front that includes all fees. More and more people every month are deciding to ship cars with us as opposed to driving it themselves. Larger vehicles take up much more space on a transport truck and they weigh more than traditional passenger vehicles. Because these vehicles have longer dimensions, they take up the amount of space normally used for two vehicles, and because of their weight, they add more to the legal maximum GVWR for the transport truck. Thus, these vehicles cost more to transport. Full-size trucks, vans & SUV’s along with various other vehicles fit into this category.

Is McNutt Automotive Logistics licensed and bonded?

YES! Our license and bond information is available 24/7 on the website for the US Department of Transportation – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (USDOT-FMCSA) at www.safersys.org. McNutt Automotive Logistics holds license MC770824.

What types of payment does McNutt Automotive Logistics accept?

We gladly accept any one of the following payment methods: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover submitted at the time you place your order. Or, for express checkout, you may also use ACH or electronic funds transfer. We require one payment up front that is 100% refundable if you cancel prior to us scheduling a carrier. Once your vehicle has been scheduled with a carrier, you may still cancel any time prior to pick-up for a full refund less a cancellation fee of up to $100. We process all billing and payments so you will never have to give any money to our driver at time of delivery.

Is my vehicle insured during transit?

Absolutely! Your auto transport carrier is required by law to carry liability and cargo insurance to cover your vehicle while in transit. McNutt constantly monitors the status and level of insurance carried by the transporter and keeps a copy of the current certificates on file. The insurance will specifically cover any damage while your vehicle is in being transported and there is no deductible to the customer.

What is the process if there is damage to my vehicle upon delivery?

If you believe that damage occurred during the shipping of your automobile, work through the system properly to ensure that your claim will be processed promptly. Begin by calling the offices of McNutt Automotive Logistics immediately. If you notice damage at the time of delivery make sure to document this on your bill of landing and again, both your signature and that of your driver represents the acknowledgement of the actual condition at pickup and at delivery. We will use the inspection report to compare and verify the condition of your automobile before and after transit. Make sure the driver understands that the damage is new and was not documented at the pickup location on the original bill of lading. The new damage must be documented on the bill of lading that you sign at the time of delivery. All damage should be noted and marked clearly and then signed by you and countersigned by the driver. When you contact us, we will facilitate the arbitration with our carrier. Usually, damages we see are minor and are typically less than the carrier’s deductible, so these are settled immediately out of pocket. For more extensive damage, a filing must go to the carrier’s insurance company, an agent will be sent to your location to prepare an estimate, and the insurance company will begin processing the claim. Do not begin any repairs, however, until you are authorized by the insurance company to do so. Be aware that, in most cases we have only 30 days to file a claim and if not reported to us within this 30 day limit, we cannot hold the carrier responsible for any damage that might have occurred.

Can I put personal items in the vehicle?

This is not permitted since the Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations prohibit the transport of household items in vehicles being transported by auto carriers. The DOT can fine a transporter $10,000 if found to be carrying household goods without proper and legal authority. Also, these items are not covered by our carrier´s insurance. Any damage to your vehicle due to household goods shifting or breaking is not covered. Under NO circumstances can the car contain firearms, hazardous materials, illegal substances, or contraband.

Does McNutt Automotive Logistics ship inoperable or unusual vehicles?

Yes, but it must be noted at the time you place the order. If your vehicle does not start, then it is inoperable and will require additional equipment to load and unload, thus, there is an additional fee assessed for inoperable vehicles. However, all vehicles MUST roll, brake and steer to be transported. We regularly ship inoperable vehicles including unusual vehicles, exotic, specialty and classic automobiles.

What is an oversized vehicle?

Oversized vehicles have any one or more of the following: dual rear wheels, lift kits (body or suspension), oversized wheels or tires and roof racks. Vehicles with oversized characteristics and commercial vehicles will have an additional fee imposed depending on the level they are oversized.

Final Thoughts… Have Realistic Expectations! Know what to expect! No surprises!

The most important issue to understand about the process of car shipping is that this industry is not like UPS, Fed-Ex or even the Postal Service. Pick-up and delivery dates are estimates at best, not guarantees, of pick-up or delivery dates. Weather and road conditions present challenges to timely deliveries, as well as unforeseen problems from congested traffic or even mechanical problems. Ironically, the most frequent delays we see occur at the pickup location where the car is not ready or is unavailable to be transported. These situations surface when the seller has not received final payment and will not release the vehicle, or we learn from the carrier that the vehicle is actually inoperable or oversize, or the customer has last minute changes to the order (such as on the pick-up or drop off locations). Patience is needed, know that McNutt wants to get your vehicle delivered to you as soon as possible, we find that open and frequent communications with you helps to diffuse frustrations and insures there are no surprises. Better than 98% of our moves are hassle-free and delivered on time. It’s the 2% that become challenges to us that, in the end, you will be pleased that you placed your trust in the professionals at McNutt Automotive Logistics!